Diagnosis: A 26-year-old single man with cancer was no longer able to afford his auto insurance plan which was his means of transportation to treatment.

Grant:The social work team was able to use the Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund to reactivate his auto insurance plan.

Diagnosis:A 31-year-old woman with recurrent cancer has large out of pocket expenses for her treatment, causing her to fall behind on her household bills.

Grant:The Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund was used to pay her outstanding water bill to get her back on track.

Diagnosis:A 38-year-old male cancer patient lives with his wife and two small children, ages 5 and 6. He was working full-time but is no longer able to stay at his job due to the demands of his treatment. His wife balances caring for their children and working part-time.

Grant:Thanks to the Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund, we were able to pay one month of their rent.

Diagnosis:A 32-year-old man with a rare cancer had to exhaust his paid time off from work to meet the demands of treatment, and then used FMLA to protect his job. He lost a significant amount of income during this time and has had to rely on help from friends/family and other charitable organizations to stay afloat and to avoid losing his housing.

Grant:The social work team was able to buy his groceries for a month to alleviate some of his financial burden.

Diagnosis:A 35-year-old single mom of two has been unable to work since her surgery in March for her cancer. Prior to her diagnosis she was working part-time as a paralegal, but when she left work to focus on her health and her chemotherapy treatments, she became behind on her rent.

Grant:The Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund was able to assist her with two months of her rent.

Diagnosis:A 35-year-old woman was recently diagnosed with cancer and is 20 weeks pregnant. She had to stop working due to the intensity of treatment and therefore does not currently have an income.

Grant:The Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund allowed the team to cover a month of her rent and provided her with a $300 Visa gift card to help her to buy essential items.

Diagnosis:A 28 y/o single woman diagnosed with Lymphoma and receiving chemotherapy. She started a new job at the same time she was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t eligible for FMLA or paid time off from work. She needed to miss days from work because of chemotherapy, and therefore, had a decrease income.

Grant:Paige Tibbett’s grant helped pay her rent so she didn’t fall behind and didn’t have the financial resources to pay on her own.

Diagnosis:A 27 y/o young man with brain tumor. He is not able to work at this time because of difficulties with balance and vision. He has now moved back in with his parents. He is paying for COBRA to continue his insurance which has make it difficult to keep up with his other bills.

Grant:The Paige Tibbetts fund helped to pay his student loan and car insurance.

Diagnosis:A 21 year old woman with a T cell lymphoma who was working three jobs to support herself prior to her diagnosis.

Grant:While she is awaiting approval for social security disability, the Paige Tibbetts fund helped to pay her household bills including electric and one month of rent.

Diagnosis:A 23 year old woman who was living in Nashville but was quarantining with her parents in Montgomery County when she was diagnosed with sarcoma. She is currently being staged and will begin 5 weeks of radiation next week followed by surgery.

Grant:The Paige Tibbetts fund helped to pay for movers to pack and ship her belongings to PA so she can continue living with her parents during treatment.